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Safety first!

One of the most important reasons to learn swimming is that it teaches how to stay safe in and around water. It is essential for children to learn to swim from an early age. Never, never, never let children swim unsupervised! Adults should become knowledgeable of basic water safety skills as well. While there is no such thing as “drown proofing,” reviewing the basic water safety rules is a must for a safe and happy swimming experience every single time one goes to the pool or spa.

Self-confidence and life skills

Learning swimming early in life improves a child’s overall physical and mental health. The youngster will develop a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence with every new stroke. He or she will understand how to set goals and persevere until reaching the target. Swimming is a great way to show them what can be achieved with dedication and consistent practice.

Healthy and fun

Because children bodies are constantly changing, it is important they gain enough exercise to burn off excess energy and fat. This will help maintain a good sleeping habit, which offers numerous merits itself. Developing strong bones and muscles will allow children to swim longer distances and have more fun with family and friends.

Calories cruncher

You have to work harder to move through water than air. For every 10 minutes of swimming expect to burn between 60 and 150 calories, depending on your preferred stroke and speed of movement. Once showered and dried off, while the body is building lean muscles, the metabolism will torch even more calories.

Cardio, strength and coordination

Of course, swimming is not just for children… it’s great fun and terrific exercise at any age. Water is denser than air, which puts muscles under constant resistance. To keep you moving and staying afloat, every muscle in the body works together as a team. In return, the constant movement to avoid sinking produces cardio conditioning. You receive both aerobic and anaerobic benefits from the same workout. It’s a time-saver, too, as 30 minutes in a pool equals about 45 minutes of athletic activity on land.

Slows down aging

Swimming positively influences cognitive functioning, blood pressure, cardiovascular performance, cholesterol levels, central nervous system health, muscle mass and blood chemistry. Dedicated swimmers are biologically up to 20 years younger than their actual age. Forget about expensive night creams and enjoy the swimming pool: a genuine fountain of youth.

Good for Pregnant Women

A swimming routine makes labor easier by reducing stress on the musculoskeletal system and protecting against sciatic pain in the lower back. It is a gentle workout that promotes optimal blood flow to the uterus without aggravating loosening joints; it helps in decreasing pregnancy-related swelling (edema) and naturally supports the weight of the unborn baby.

Mood booster

Besides being fun, swimming also lowers stress and tension by reducing anxiety, depression, anger and confusion. Swimming builds self-confidence and improves sleeping patterns (no insomnia or waking too early anymore). Regardless of their level, novice, amateur or pro, all swimmers emerge from the experience feeling good, sometimes even exhilarated. In fact, 70% say they are mentally refreshed after a session in the pool.

Total body workout

Regular swimming along with a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle is an ideal strategy for staying fit and maintaining a positive attitude. With lower risk of injury than other forms of exercise (swimming is a low impact sport, meaning less strain on bones and joints), often-neglected muscles like deltoids, lats, traps and core and lower back are constantly working out. The water around you will cool you down so you will never feel sweaty or get overheated, all while challenging your body in so many safe and beneficial ways.

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Introduces the trainee to water and teaches breathing technique and body movement. Pre-requisite for learning full swim strokes.

SKILLS ATTAINED: breathing, kicking, floating, gliding


Improves the trainee’s skills in different swimming styles: front crawl (freestyle stroke), backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly stroke.

SKILLS ATTAINED: swimming using the four key swimming strokes, treading water


Delivers workouts for total body fitness

SKILLS ATTAINED: starts, flip turns, emotional and physical endurance, hydrodynamic body orientation improvement



Private lessons

The swimming lessons are custom-made, depending on the trainee’s learning style

The personal swimming instructor travels to the trainee’s pool of choice

Lessons are scheduled according to the trainee’s agenda and the trainer’s availability

RON130/1 Lesson
RON1100/10 Lessons
RON2000/20 Lessons


Semi-private lessons

Same conditions as for GoldFish, with a fee discount

The trainee must bring a second person

RON110/1 Lesson

RON900/10 Lessons
RON1600/20 Lessons


Group Lessons

The lessons focus on gaining confidence in the aquatic environment

Suited for Beginner and Intermediate swimming levels

Minimum 5 trainees, maximum 10

RON80/1 Lesson
RON600/10 Lessons
RON1000/20 Lessons


If you are one of those fishes looking for something else, please contact us to find the solution for your needs

* 1 lesson is 45 minutes, just swim time
* If a third party pool is used, any additional fees must be paid by the customer
* The swim lessons are delivered in BUCHAREST, Romania

Why TrainingFish

Welcome to TrainingFish, your expert in swimming knowledge and guidance for every swimming level. Our goal is your satisfaction in becoming the swimmer you dream to be.

The founder fell in love with this popular sport at age 5. While attending a swimming school throughout her youth, she gained the practical and theoretical knowledge required to deliver swimming training. She became a professional swimming instructor. Theo’s enthusiasm for swimming is called TrainingFish, a brand built on 17 years of experience in teaching swimming to persons of all ages. From basics to advanced, we specialize in water safety skills, how to swim effectively and efficiently, existing swimming skills refinement and staying fit and healthy.

Having a flexible-first approach, TrainingFish considers your needs by offering a win-win proposal for its swimming courses, provided in a safe, fun and relaxed way. Based on a positive swimming experience, we guarantee the best results in the minimum possible time.

Sport is about doing. Start making waves with TrainingFish today and reap the benefits!

Frequently asked questions

When should I arrive?

15 minutes before the swimming lesson, to allow time to get changed and reach the pool deck.

How many times per week should I take lessons?

Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. The most important thing is consistency. The more you practice, the quicker you’ll see results. For example, if you enroll in the Beginner course, it is strongly recommended to attend the first course for 5 days a week, until you reach the level of swimming confidently.

If I take a break, will I forget everything?

The short answer is No. However, depending on your swimming level, your abilities may become rusty if you are not able to refresh them periodically. As long as you had a positive experience, however, your skills will begin to return once you start to practice swimming again.

What are the payment options for the lessons?

TrainingFish accepts cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

What are the most common medical conditions preventing me from taking lessons?

Amongst the most frequent: fever, cold, upset stomach (e.g. diarrhea, constipation, nausea and vomiting, etc.), skin rash, open cuts, nasal or ear discharge, open blisters. In addition, band-aids are not allowed. Please wait at least 48 hours after symptoms have cleared before coming to the pool again.

How fast will my child learn and move up to the next level?

The journey to good swimming takes practice and patience. Your child will achieve the agreed objectives in their own time and should not be rushed or forced into activities for which they are not ready. These lessons are not competitive and a child’s confidence will only be improved by allowing them to develop at their own pace.

If your child expresses any concern about the swimming lessons, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can work out a solution.

Can I take pictures of my child during the lessons?

Feel free to take pictures or videos of your child. Of course, you should also respect the privacy of others. Please ask the instructor for more information.

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